Financial Aid

With our student deferment account, you can pick up your books when classes start and pay for them when your financial aid comes in.

How it works:

  1. You provide proof that you are receiving financial aid (you can log into your account at the store if you do not have printed paperwork).
  2. We pull your books for you and calculate the total.
  3. You sign a deferment agreement promising to pay for your books when your financial aid comes in. You’ll need to provide a current driver’s license or state ID and a credit/debit card we can keep on file.
  4. Once your financial aid comes in, come by the store to pay for your books or give us a call and tell us to charge the card we have on file.
  5. If we do not hear from you by the payment deadline (the deadline is always after the financial aid disbursements), we will charge the card you left on file.

What we need from you:

  • A current driver’s license of state issued ID
  • A credit card to keep on file in case you don’t come back by the payment deadline
  • A copy of your financial aid award letter (you can log onto your financial aid account at the store as well)
  • A copy of your schedule (you are only allowed to put books on deferment for classes you are registered for)

*All deferments must be done in the store. There is not an option at this time to use the eCommerce site for deferment accounts.